UE Streams is designed to
integrate with a variety of systems
so that you can design, build, and grow your own data integration hub.
A diagram of how UE Streams integrates with a variety of systems
Data In

Bringing data into UE Streams is very easy

There are 3 options today and more on the way. You can use our Publish API, you can build a native integration with an open source client library, or we can build a custom connector for you to work with your existing APIs.
Transform & Visualize

Encrypt, decrypt, filter, transform, & enrich

Once data is in a stream, it can be continuously encrypted/decrypted, filtered, transformed, or enriched. You can even output to a business intelligence and visualization solution. This is accomplished through data functions that consume from the stream and publish modified data to a new stream with each event.
Data Out

Access your data anywhere you need in real time

Consumers of a stream can access data in real time using a native integration with an open source client library or through a connector that continuously sends each stream event to an integrating API.
Illustration of streaming data
UE Streams supports C+UE Streams supports C#UE Streams supports C++UE Streams supports Node JSUE Streams supports DenoUE Streams supports Go LangUE Streams supports JavaUE Streams supports PythonUE Streams supports RubyUE Streams supports RustUE Streams supports PHP
NATS Client Compatible

UE Streams was built on the amazing work of the NATS team

We have worked hard to ensure that UE Streams is compatible with all NATS JetStream clients. Download today and get started.