Securely Share Data with Anyone

A truly SaaS real-time data streaming solution to drive growth
Enterprises spend millions to sync data to and from partners and acquisitions so they can continuously grow their analytics and product capabilities. We make it easier.
Illustration of people working together with data

Realtime data integration is the secret sauce of rapid growth

UE Streams unlocks your data potential by providing a highway of real-time data pipes that can simultaneously bring data to you or push your data out to your customers & partners.

Open-source clients

UE Streams is compatible with dozens of integration clients across multiple stacks like Java, C#, Node.js, Go, and more

Stream dashboard

See all data streams, connections, and consumers in one place. Configure stream limits, retention, and other settings

Developer tools

Publish, query, and delete data on the portal to build and debug your integrations

Managed access

Integrate any technology to only the streams you want with only the access you want and manage access across all connections in one place

Bi-directional data

Create blazing fast data and network topologies that use request / reply patterns to communicate through streams

Configurable Admin Roles

Create custom roles to allow your people to manage UE Streams
Illustration of the difference between complex point-to-point integrations and UE Streams
Data Speaks

You told your stories and we listened

We spoke to dozens of companies, and they all described the same problem: Connecting their internal solutions and enterprise systems was a complex and costly activity with a spider web of brittle point-to-point integrations. We can help.
Manage Access

Integrate any internal, edge, IoT, or customer technology

Connecting technology to a stream is as simple as clicking “request access” and using your access key with a client library to connect from any internet connected network.
Image illustrating the relationship between a data stream and UE Stream's blazing fast native stream client
Image of UD Streams dev tools interface for messages
Developer Tools

Give developers the tools they need to build real-time data integrations

Debugging a connection to an async stream can be hard. With the UE Stream portal, developers can see what is happening in the stream and make corrections as they build.
Enterprise Data Strategy

You spent all that money on your data strategy, but where is your data?

UE Streams is the perfect complement to your enterprise data strategy. Whether you’re using Snowflake, AWS, or some other approach, once you know how your aggregated data, analytics, and ML/AI should work, you’ll need a resilient way to identify and get the data to your solution reliably and consistently.
Image of UE Streams interface dashboard
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Use Cases

We provide the tools, and you get to dream big

UE Streams empowers many business use cases that rapidly scale businesses from startups to enterprise.
Data aggregation for insights and analytics
Monetized data as a service to your customers
A streamlined supply chain and logistics pipeline
A foundation for seamless user experiences
What will you build?
B2B & B2C Auth

Did you know we also do enterprise auth?

UE Auth provides B2B & B2C Auth to support you from startup to scale. Whether you're launching a new product or merging multiple acquired products, you're covered with the features your users expect including self-service screens, enterprise SSO, MFA, audit reports, fine-grained access management, and more.
Image of auth features available with UE Auth
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