Configurable Data Stream Management

Get started with a click today, not after months of setup.

UE Streams is instantly ready to go. Just opt-in and you can immediately create streams and begin connecting your technology securely without months of infrastructure and security setup.
An image of interfaces from UE Streams

Stream Management

Creating at-least-once-delivery streams is as easy as clicking a button. You can then edit them to define thresholds, limits, retention, and more.

Bi-directional Data

Enable blazing fast API topologies using at-most-once data subjects with request and response functionality.

Performance & Thresholds

Configure your data streams in terms of data caps, performance (data replication), consumer limits, and event retention strategies.

Powerful APIs

Create custom integrations to manage data streams through our documented API or by leveraging the API powering our tech.
Data Stream Observability

Visualize your data ecosystem and data connections

UE Streams gives you the ability to browse all your data streams, connections, consumers, and alignment to business products and services, from one simple dashboard.
Image of UE Streams interface dashboard

All Data Streams in One Place

Let your infrastructure engineer focus on her work. You and your developers can browse your company streams and see exactly what data is available for integration on your own.

Configure Your Streams

Administrate how your streams manage data and connections on the UI without technical command line tools.

Connections & Consumers

See who is listening, who is writing, and what consumers are connected.

Associate Data to Business

Understand your company data fabric from a business perspective. Link and tag streams to your products and services.
Integrate from Anywhere

Empower your developers to connect and integrate

Connecting technology to a stream is as simple as clicking “request access”, configuring the desired security, and using your access key with a client library to connect.
An image of an interface to connect to a stream in UE Streams

Access Management

Manage every secure connection you create in one place or administrate everyone’s access with the right permissions. Rotate keys, secrets, and more to keep your integration safe.

Load Balance Consumers

Cluster your connected technology and load balance your streaming data across them.

Secured API to Refresh Connections

Ensure that your connections are secure by letting them expire and refreshing tokes using our secured API

Powered by

Connect any technology stack supported by including Node, Golang, Java, C# and more.
Data Stream Inspection

Give your developers the tools they need to understand stream data

One of the hardest parts of transitioning an org to streams is the developer journey. There are lots of streaming options, but very few centralized tools to help you debug integrations.
Image of UD Streams dev tools interface for messages

Publish, Query, & Delete

Debugging a connection to an async stream can be hard. Use the UE Stream portal to see what is happening in the stream and make corrections.

Inspect Content & Schema

Sometimes all you need to do is see what is flowing in the stream and what it looks like. Use our tools to get the answers you need right there in the portal.
Customizable RBAC Admin

UE Streams is part of the United Effects platform

Whether you need the other features of UE Platform or not, you can rest assured that a powerful platform to govern access and permissions is securing your stream portal.
An image of a UE Auth interface that manages user access and roles

Custom Roles

See all available permissions and organize them into custom roles to empower your people with secure access to administrate your streams.

Product Access through UE Auth

Give your people secure access to UE Streams or any other software with our UE Auth product access tooling.

Powerful B2B Auth if You Need It

If all you need is UE Streams, you have it and you’re good to go. If you also need a ready to roll Enterprise Auth solution for your products, UE Auth is built in and available.
Build the Solution You Need

What can Data Streams do for You?

Streaming data gives us real-time data integrations that change the way we think about Insights, BI, monetization, healthcare data, supply chain pipelines, and more. You’ve probably already spent money on a data strategy, all you need to do now is get the data there faster.
Illustration of people collaborating with data

Data Aggregation & Analysis

Connect your tech, your customers, and your partners to aggregate data in real-time to any cloud for visualized Insights, ML/AI, BI, and more. Get faster ROI on your existing data strategy.

Monetized Data as a Service

Easily configure data streams to send data to your customers or even your own IOT, edge, or on-premises software in real-time for a subscription fee.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Don’t create a spiderweb of point-to-point transactions to manage inventory and orders. Build a cutting edge, async, event reactive architecture with streams to rapidly scale your business.

Seamless Experiences and Insightful Dashboards

Allow your siloed products to share data in real-time so your users have a seamless experience and want to pay for more products. Aggregate from across these now connected products to find real insights to monetize.

What will you build?

These are just a few ideas and there are dozens more. What about you? What can you do with UE Streams? We’d love to know your story.